Friday, June 25, 2010

Thinking like a 4-year-old

I've been a sparse blogger lately. But it's because I have so much to say. There is so much swirling in my mind that it has given me blogging paralysis and I can't possibly figure out where to start.

Leave it to Graham to remind me - in his unique way of always snapping me back to reality - about focus. He informed me out of the blue as we were driving around town recently that he has ideas in his mind. He told me that they don't just come to him - he goes looking for them and uncovers them inside his mind, where they are all there, waiting to be found. My 4-year-old explained how he thinks - actively, not passively. And then went on to ask me about the difference between his brain and his mind.

My 4-year-old.

I think I can do this. This focus thing. So I hope you will stay tuned.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Fantastic Mr. Hawks

I brag about him to my friends. About how I come home almost every day to dinner waiting. About how he tackles bath time. They tell me he needs to teach their husbands classes. They remind me how good I've got it.

He is the one who still gets up in the middle of the night. He picks up a snoring 3-year old, who crawled his way into our bed sometime around 3:00 or 4:00 a.m., and deposits him back in his own bed.

He is the one for whom they call most often when they are sick or upset. Sure, they've been through their Daddy phases, but he gives them reasons to prolong the phases, and they blend into each other so much that I can't ever tell when the so-called phases are over.

He is the better playmate. He wrestles. He pitches. He's funny. He leaves the monotony of teeth brushing, doctor appointments and babysitters to me. Instead of monotony, he deals in fun.

Today the Hawklets and I ran errands and discussed Father's Day. I explained the significance - that this is a day for us to thank Daddy for being such a great father.

"But he really hasn't been such a great father," Graham said. (Excuse me? Are we talking about the same saint described above?) "He puts us in time out sometimes."

Oh, did I mention he is an efficient disciplinarian?

Happy Father's Day, Hubby Hawks. Thanks for being so brag-worthy.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I've been busy...

Yes, I realize that I posted about having more time and then disappeared. Surprisingly (ahem), I found a way to fill that time. You see, I found a little hut on a beach where 'multi-tasking' doesn't have a Spanish translation and cool breezes blow and books that I choose beg to be read.

And the view out from the little hut looks like this:

And drinks are sipped from this little bar here:

So, Anonymous, now you know.