Friday, March 9, 2012

No more Winkles Dinkles

Reid decided this morning he is so over being called "Winkles Dinkles."

I have no idea why. Obviously Winkles Dinkles is a very fine nickname and it makes no sense as to why he wouldn't welcome being called Winkles Dinkles right on into his sunset years.

Luckily we still have his other various nicknames, including:



Reidy-Bo William


Doogie Pants



Doogie McGavin

But Winkles Dinkles? Don't even think about it.

As for his brother, for some reason he's always been Graham, or the abbreviated version of his one-syllable name: G.

So glad we've cleared that up. As you were.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Backseat Philosopher

“If the world is round, why does it feel flat?”

“If God made everything, who made God?”

“What is gravity? What makes gravity?”

“Why are rats disgusting? If there was a whole house of rats, but no people in the house, would they still be disgusting?”

“How do workers [at the water treatment plant] separate pee out of water?”

Why is it that deep thoughts seem to bubble out of a wee one’s mouth most often when he’s riding in the car?