Thursday, July 15, 2010

Conversations with a 4-year-old

Hubby: "Stop licking the butter. Don't put your finger in the butter."

Him: "But I like butter!"

Hubby: "It's for the corn. It's not for you to lick."

Him: "I want to lick the butter! I like licking the butter!" ... (pause) ... Is the butter meltingIs it smallerWhy is it meltingWhy is it getting smallerWhy does it do thatWhy can't we eat itWhy can't we lick butter? Why? Why? WHY?

Me: (futile attempts at answers to each question)

Him: (as Hubby's back is to us, in his loud-whisper voice) Mom! Lick the butter! Quick! Don't tell Dad!

Me: "I don't want to li-"



Yes, folks, we are still solving the world's problems over here at the Hawks Nest. What's new with you?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh!

Jenny said...

Ha! Get out of my kitchen! That's exactly the kind of conversations we have around here :)