Monday, July 11, 2011

Conversations with a 5-year-old

Him (and his own stream of consciousness listening to music in the car): "Can we go to the party on the top of the world tonight? ... Wait, is this a true song? ... Well, maybe we could get everyone we know in the world and have a party on top of the world. ... Wait, it is a true song because after we die we'll go to the top of the world!"


Me (singing in the car): "Should I join a band?"

Him: "Mommies can't be in bands."

Me: "They can if they want to."

Him: "Well they can't be on the Foo Fighter team. Mommies sing soft songs."


Me (leveling with him in Time Out): "What's gotten into you?"

Him: "Reid's mind."

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Two Normal Moms said...

Can't be on the Foo Fighter team... LOL! Love kid conversations.