Monday, September 24, 2012

Home Sweet Demolition

So, this? Is (finally!) happening at the Hawks Nest. Our humble abode is in a state of, well, disrepair. But on purpose. Not that I have anything against the 1950s, but the 1950s had called so often asking for its layout and materials back and so we had no choice but to do the polite thing and oblige. Also? This is an attempt for my house to help my mind stop spinning with the constant "we should do this!" and "what if that looked like like that!" ideas that at times could suffocate me. And my poor husband by default.

Our friends and family used to share nice meals with us in this room. No soup for you here! Good bye dining room and wood paneling!

Ah, the passageway of wasted space. Be gone ye confusing floor plan!

Who doesn't love an awkwardly narrow TV/family/play room?! Uh, we don't.

Obviously it makes perfect sense to put the half bath right next to the front door. OBVIOUSLY!

Is it just me or is that NO INSULATION in an exterior wall? Tsk tsk, 1950 builders.

This used to be Reid's room; now a hump of something he'd love to climb on is living here. But don't worry, he won't.

Wishing I could have taken the sledge hammer to this - the original 1950 pink and white bathroom - myself, but the contractors beat me to it. Sigh.

That tiny master closet on the left probably took 5 seconds to eliminate. Gosh I'll miss shoving my wardrobe into that hot mess.

Upstairs, minus walls, plus mess, equals progress.

Sorry front deck safety hazard/eye sore. We will never, ever, ever get back together.
February can't come soon enough (and more so for my sweet saint of a mother who is housing us in the meantime).

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