Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Human Head Weighs 8 Pounds!

Is this the cutest 13-month old with glasses you've ever seen?

A couple weeks ago, we had a check up and learned that we were right that in addition to his nystagmus he wasn't seeing things at a distance very well and was developing a slight strabismus in his right eye. The no. 1 question we've gotten from people since then: "How could they tell?"

Yes, it's remarkable. Thank God for pediatric specialists. We are seeing "the best in the city" according to other moms I've referenced.

Which brings me to finding myself smack dab in the middle of what I read about in terms of the biggest influencer in marketing to moms: WORD OF MOM. Hearing from other moms, whether a neighbor or a colleague, that the pediatric ophthalmologist we're seeing is the "best in the city" can not ring louder with me. This is the best endorsement any professional can get for me. Research shows that if a mom endorses a product or service to another mom, there is no better advocate. And it's so true. While we had already been referred to our doc by my pediatrician (also a mom), getting these reassuring endorsements from other random moms solidifies her expertise in my mind even more fully. I don't know what exactly her resume says or what JAMA research she's published, but hey other moms say she's the best. So I know she's the best. And she knows exactly what my baby's eyes need. His EYES. The windows into his soul. How could I trust those with anyone but the best?

So now I'm getting these images of Reid as a young Jerry Maguire kid...but even cuter. Don't you think?


T.Hart said...

FREAKING ADORABLE! I love it. So can they tell that he needed glasses? I'm amazed.

ehood said...

As a mom-to-be, I totally agree that Word of Mom is incredibly valuable in my life now. We just moved to a new city, and the only people I've tapped for recommendations on everything related to new mommy-hood are moms. Sure I've searched the Internet for a hospital to deliver my baby, daycare options in my area, and places to find maternity clothes, but ultimately, the best results always come from the mouth of a mom friend, colleague, or family member.