Saturday, July 26, 2008

Love Letter to the Drive Thru

Ah the drive thru. (Or is it drive through? Who know what I'm talking about.)

As a mom who is also a consumer, I feel compelled to patronize every drive thru I pass. I want to spend a little money to show my appreciation: Thank you for making my life with little ones a little easier. Thank you for understanding that I'm not lazy, it's just hard work carting them around, in and out of the car, kicking and arching their backs each time they have to strap back into those car seats. Thank you for alleviating the pain we all feel each time we have to go through that dreaded routine. Thank you for saving me from the physical and mental labor of hip-slinging one, dragging the other, wishing I could find a cart -- or if there is a cart, wishing I could keep them in it -- and hoping they don't run off with a criminal or dart into the street.

Yes, the drive thru, while perhaps it was a fast food ploy at first, now is the answer to an errand-running mother's prayer. Adding a drive thru to Starbuck's? GENIUS! And, just another reason to love Starbuck's even more.

As strongly as I feel about my beloved drive thru, I'm baffled by those "other" entities who haven't caught on yet. Do you not care about us multi-tasking moms of the world? Do you not want our money? And if you do, wouldn't you want to make it as easy as possible to get us to you in order to hand over that money?

Helloooooo, post office...library? Are you listening, Blockbuster?

Walgreens will let me drive thru to pick up my prescription, but not my one-hour photos? Excuse me?

And, what about you, Target? Why not let me peruse your aisles virtually, via the comfort of my home computer while my little ones run screaming around the house, not your store. I'll make my selections online, then load up the car and we'll drive to the neighborhood Target drive thru, pick up our bagged selections and pay at the window. Why not? I want to shop online, but why should I pay for (and wait for) shipping when I'm perfectly capable of driving down the street to pick it up myself?

Gas stations have mastered the swipe-and-go. Some dry cleaners offer a drive thru. Yet I'm still amazed that in our convenience-oriented society of consumers, others haven't followed suit more quickly.

Moms of the world, you know you're with me. Have you hugged your drive thru today?

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The Stallings Family said...

I wish Germany would catch on. In Germany you didn't even have the swipe at the gas pump! Billy had to fill up the car while we were in Germany. Could you imagine having to go in and pay for gas with a newborn and a 15 month old, just to PAY! Thank goodness for hubbies!

The things you crave for when you don't have them! I was so excited to move back to the states just to pay at the pump, have free refills at restaurants and buy a gallon of milk! :)