Sunday, September 7, 2008

Apologies and First Day of School

Yes, it's been awhile. But the first step to recovery is owning up to I am admitting right here and now: I am too ambitious. I take on too much. I started a blog. But I had already started a life. As you can tell, if you have been checking here for a recent post, other things have gotten in the way of my blogging in the past few weeks. So first things first: I'm sorry for the delay! In the past few weeks, I started the new semester (oh yeah, I'm still in graduate school, you know -- the six year plan), took a long weekend to Vegas with Hubby, visited friends in Dallas, worked on our half bath "project," got a new vehicle, completed several appointments and to-dos, continued to raise to future leaders, and oh don't forget -- worked at my "other" full-time job (as in my paying job, because of course mothering is my first full-time job).

Graham started school as well. To clarify, he started a Parents Day Out program at a nearby church. This gives Mimi a little break in her week, which now consists of THREE baby boys since Henry started coming after Sara went back to work last week. So a couple Thursdays ago (yikes, it's been a while since I last posted, I mean I had to say a "couple" Thursdays -- bad!) we took him to his first day of "school." He had to bring a backpack and a lunchbox so he is officially a little boy. I think the backpack was the tipping point. And quite a mature little boy, might I add. When we walked into the classroom on that first morning (yes, mom and dad both took him the first day -- we are so proud!), where we saw about 10 kids, all the boys were crying and none of the girls were. (You go, girls!) And I mean these were massive tears. So I looked at my little man, wearing his backpack as big as his body, surveying the room and sizing up the teachers. I pondered his thoughts and figured they could be going one of two ways: either "What are these boys' problems? Take me to the train set!" or "Why are my mommy and daddy leaving me here where there is obviously something really wrong?!" His actions signaled to me that the former was reality. He beelined to the trains and without a word gave us a kiss and started playing quietly. Later in the day, the teachers indicated he completed day one like a pro.

That's my man. The connsumate professional. (Professional lover of trainsets.)


Sis said...

Love the sunglasses! They really add polish to the whole ensemble.

Robin said...

That picture is beyond adorable. What an awesome little man you have! Go Graham! :)