Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Annoy Me and I Will Blog You

Is Christmas really two weeks away? Seems like just last Wednesday our Thanksgiving weekend kicked off with a bang as we loaded up the car and headed a couple hours south to the in-laws’ house. But not without some Happy Meals, of course. Because when you work all day and have *mostly* packed but still need to do a load of laundry, coordinate two distracted toddlers and clean the house before officially being ready to go (ugh, I hate coming home to a dirty house after being away), then somehow dinner manages to fall off the to-do list. Enter McDonald’s drive thru (ugh, I hate resorting to McDonald’s, but it was strangely the best of the fast food choices in front of us that evening).

Two four-piece McNugget Happy Meals with white milk, please.

Never mind the fact that one would only eat French fries, and the other dropped most of his on the car floor. What annoyed me most was how McDonald’s itemizes Happy Meals. The milk rings up separately. So looking at the receipt, one might interpret that the teeny little milk jugs cost $2.50 – nearly the cost of an entire gallon of milk. So of course, I had to inquire about this with the 16-year old drive thru worker, who had to have a manager come to the window to explain the receipt. Thank you, yes, please explain to me what I just paid you and why I would do that.

Because I know you are just dying for the answer, and won’t be able to sleep until you get to the bottom of this $2.50 (hey, that's mocha money we're talking about!), allow me to explain what that lovely manager taught me. Essentially the milk is not an additional charge, but it shows up separately on the receipt with its own price, under the Happy Meal with its own price. Duh! (palm facetiously slaps forehead)

Surely it’s easy to see why someone could get thoroughly confused. I am your customer and you are showing me a line item that makes me question whether I’m getting ripped off – helloooo, Customer Service, isn’t that reason no. 1 to change how you itemize your Happy Meal milk?

And what was loving Hubby’s observation of the exchange?

“Uh-oh. I feel a blog coming on.” Exactly.

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