Sunday, September 27, 2009

So Much Gratitude

It was a long day. In other words, the boys passed up naptime for the-longer-my-eyelids-are-up-the-more-hyper-I-get time. Which made bedtime quite delirious. Which also made bedtime prayers quite bizarre. They went something like this:

"Thank you God for lightbulbs. God, and thank you for Target. And Lowe's, where the race cars are. Thank you for wheels on Reid's crib. God, thank you for shoes and socks. And thank you for Old McDonald's. And for food. I like milk. Thank you for Addison, and Addison's milk. Thank you for blinds and clocks. Thank you for books and toys. Thank you for our ottoman and rocking chair. They go together. And Jesus, thank you for God..."

It went on like that for quite a while. Until delirium finally succumbed to dreamworld. Sort of like a drunk finally passing out.

(Oh, and thank you, God, for sleeping, peaceful Hawklets...)

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