Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Star of My Everyday

Someone special is the "Star of the Week" this week in pre-school.

He loves his chicken. Though, before you go marveling at his interest in nutritious protein power, I feel the need to confess he originally said "chicken strips and French fries" but there just wasn't enough room on that line. I steered him towards the "chicken" part of his verbal answer and away from the "French fries" part, knowing this would be posted somewhere. Mom truth.

Betcha didn't know Calendar was such a riveting subject these days. Or perhaps this is just a glimpse of his meterology days to come? Lately he's been talking offhandedly about the weather and what kind of day it is outside today. Little Brother in his obvious genius has already pinpointed the phenomenon of global warming, pondering the calendar and aligning weather patterns in his 4-year-old daydreams, obvs.

His book choice of Sheep in a Jeep was a top-of-mind-at-the-time one. He seems frustrated now when people read his paper and ask him about his favorite book, Sheep in a Jeep. Child, you wrote it down! He has lots of favorites. It's a good problem. Don't box him in.

And how about when he grows up? "Dad." Yeah, hubby should shed a tear at that one. I would have. I mean, if my fictional daughter said she wanted to be mom when she grew up I'd cry a tear of joy at the thought that I might actually be doing something right. Hmm, a daughter. Sigh.

Reid William, you are the star of my week, and of my life. Love you, Doogie.

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