Thursday, April 12, 2012

Not Exactly How it Happens

Sitting in the comfy chair in his room, Reid and I got completely off-topic in our pre-bedtime-stories conversation.

Him: "Mommy, I want a dog. A dog and a baby."

Me: "You want a dog AND a baby?"

Him: "Yes, I love babies. I want Henry's baby."

Me: "You want Baby Margo to be yours?"

Him: "Yes."

Me: "You take good care of Baby Margo."

Him: "Yes. I say, (in his best baby voice) 'Hiiieee Baby Maaaahhhgooooo!'"

Me: "Well I don't think we can get baby Margo."

Him: "We can buy our own baby."

Me: "You want to go buy a baby from the store?"

Him: "Yes. Like Aunt Sara buyed Margo."

Me: "Where do you think Aunt Sara bought Margo?"

Him: "I don't know. Where do you buy babies?"

Me: "Do you think I bought you at the store? Remember how we talked about how God put you in my belly? Maybe you should talk to God about it."

Him: "I'll go talk to God and he would put a baby in my belly? I don't want a baby in my belly!"

Me: "Well I'm glad we've cleared that up! And now on to the books!"


Aunt Sara said...

Just for the record, Margo is not for sale. But I am touched that Reid loves her that much!

Kim said...

Oh that is hilarious Liz!!!! Go to the store and buy a baby...hahaha!