Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Use for Old PEZ

PEZ was first marketed as a compressed peppermint candy over 70 years ago in Vienna, Austria. The name PEZ was derived from the German word for peppermint... PfeffErminZ.”

Now, at the Hawks house, PEZ is the tasty alternative to peeing in your diaper!

Yes, the potty training tips have run rampant in our circles of conversation lately, from putting M&Ms in a jar on the toilet, to putting Cheerios in the toilet water to play target practice, but I think we’ve created our own rewards system thanks to the abundance of PEZ we received in our Christmas stockings. (That's right, mom marketers, three different potty training strategies all which revolve around certain non-potty-related brands...!)

Peeing in the potty will score you two PEZ at the Hawks house. I’m not sure what pooping in the potty scores you, as we haven’t gotten that far yet. We should probably be ready. But so far, two PEZ for peeing seems to be working pretty well.

At least for now … so if you have a minute and any sort of potty training tip (brand-related or not), please leave it in the Comments section. Please. PLEASE! PLEEEEEAAAAASE! You don’t know how old it is becoming changing two toddler boys’ diapers.


The Stallings Family said...

Nope, don't have any tips. Mallory has been "potty training" since July and we still haven't accomplished it. Pooping......forget it. She will pee in the potty, if I constantly get on her (more of a chore for me), but she will not tell me she has to go. Someone told me this, and it seems to work, put a timer on for every two hours (or hour) and when it goes off we have to go potty! I still have to drag her kicking and screaming, but after she sits down she is fine. We don't reward anymore because it really didn't work, but I keep telling her if she poops in the potty we will have a birthday cake (her favorite). But so far, as I am changing another dirty poopy pull up she will tell me "poo poo in the potty, you get cake." She knows, but Ms. Stubborn won't do it. Wish you luck. It is funny on who you talk to some say boys are harder, but now that I am dealing with potty training Mallory, I hear that girls are the hardest. I think I will have Brayden trained before Mallory. He has gone twice, but LOVES to go "potty" before getting a clean diaper. I am done guessing.

LO said...

When I was similarly seeking advice (back in another era), I called the pediatrician. His comment was not helpful, but it actually turned out to be the only thing that worked.

You will not find it helpful either. But just in case nobody has invented anything any better in all these years since, here it is:

Have patience, and take comfort in the knowledge that no child goes to college in diapers.

Lori (Just Pure Lovely) said...

My advice after training 4 kids:

- Don't push it or stress over it. They honestly do potty train eventually. Nobody walks down the wedding aisle in diapers. I had to tell myself that often.

- "Pushing the issue," constantly bringing it up, sometimes being upset at them for messing up, was such a stressor for me, and as a result, I am not proud of my low mommy moments with the first 2 kids.

-- Letting them get the hang of it when their body is ready (key! not all bladders/systems are ready at an age we think they should be ready) ...letting them move at their own timing was peaceful and we have happier memories as a result (the last 2 kids benefitted from that).

- "Positive reinforcement," just like you're doing with PEZ and Cheerios, is such a good way to go. Postive, not negative.

I think it sounds like you're already on the right track! Hang in there. They'll honestly get the hang of it one day.